Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The still air was pursed by the exhaling of words…

Of news she didn’t want to face, even when spoken

She became overcome, infected and overrun with emotion

Tears streamed, exploring alternate routes down her face…

As everything else stood still, in place…


As if the environment was in shock behind the news,

Just as dumbfounded as she, stricken stiff with grief

When rejection finally became much more than a notion

Brushed her face with a forceful open hand full of reality…

It had taken so much to build up the courage in the first,

Tuck away her pride in the name of love & the big picture

Only for the painting in her mind to be yet another fallacy.

Heartbroken where she stood, averted the eyes of others

This setting was far too public; sons, daughters & mothers…

Seemingly all sharing her pain, humiliation and grief,

They realized…that it could just as easily be one of them.

Denied public assistance, three children to raise,

Laid off of her day job, the night job underpays…

This is her Heartbreak, hurts her deeper than any breakup,

Scares worse than any nightmare; she could always wake up.

The walls are closing in, options becoming more limited

Depressed about life, but not thinking about quitting it…

No family support, children’s father died in a car wreck,

All she has left is her children & the love for them…

The love for them…No Ordinary Love; it’s Love Deluxe...

Judge her not when you see her now; she’s of those peculiar cases,

And just know that her story is one filled with tough decisions…

She used to always have a good rep; some things traded places…

Her life is a tragic downward spiral that no one ever envisioned...

So when her rep is heard now, old friends hold astonished faces.

She never sold her soul, but sold her body for her children’s lives

At the same time cementing that she may never be another man’s wife.

If her heart isn't broken, then certainly mine is...

As I look over her from Heaven, feeling virtually helpless.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Visions prove to be nothing
more than optical illusions,
And trying to get through is
misconstrued as an intrusion.

The storm's calm amongst mass confusion,
Proves to be amusing with no provocation,
Just a bunch of fancy clowns
Dressed up for the occasion.

Visions prove to be nothing
more than optical illusions…

Following blindly is easier for most to embark,
than taking your own steps in the dark.

So, Mind control goes on a stroll…
looking for validation
In a world full of thoughtless souls
eager for assimilation…
A fiend for vindication...
ignorant Blacks get euthanized
w/ no affiliation to the Aryan Nation.

Visions prove to be nothing
more than optical illusions…

chasing entertainment in itself,
is something that I find amusing...

So Even if I wanted to...
and I don't...
you would never catch me putting on a show,
I refuse to do a song and dance;
I suppose that in a sense
I'm Fighting the Temptations…

Visions prove to be nothing
more than optical illusions…
so what we read is nothing

but empty 'facts' yet to be proven.

We are surrounded by history
and examples of misery...
proud pasts turned into fiction,
so who we are is a mystery.

Visions prove to be nothing
more than optical illusions…
but our hearts bleed real imagery,

and speak an unseen truth.

Just listen to Ella Fitzgerald
or the moans…
and groans…
of Nina Simone,
Then tell me why I should continue
to pity a fool like Mr. T.

Visions prove to be nothing
more than optical illusions…
so should I trust what I forsee?

I have a vision of the things we could be...
if we got our heads out of our own asses
and our feet out of others,
If we took the time out
to once again be fathers and mothers,
Stopped trying to always be fighters,
and made room for the lovers,
Quit trying to scheme on those
who are a bloodline away
from being our sisters and brothers,
Started to look up,
instead of searching down for somebody to step on,
Woke up the world ourselves
instead of using the excuse of being 'slept on',
Stopped claiming colors and blocks;
and learned how to get our REAL 'rep' on…

That’s what I see.

But visions prove to be nothing..
Nothing more than optical illusions
In the eyes and mind of a dreamer.
But I still believe.