Tuesday, May 11, 2010

(2008) Lost Files

She ain't right...

it's like she memorized everything

or was late walking to the bus stop

or made a left turn on Evergreen

But I ain't been left for dead

so it's right that I'm living

felt like he was talking to me,

when he said "Father forgive 'em"...

I'm not so blinded to the point that I was unable

to see where I needed to jump clear over the table

to tackle my opposition, conquer my many addictions

Took off my shades, it was time to face the fiction

Stared the light in the eyes; they call me Ray C.

so I'm dead...or the ghosts of the greats chase me

Fact is, my decisions aren't the best ones

My life often crashes, God says it's a test run

Dad's seen his only child shine bright,

guess you could say I'm the best Sun

But Darkness falls...like the day Malik Sealy died

Still alive...propped up on Red Bull and can't stop

blew 20K on bullshit, I got my Ross on and copped

Wish I could just be like Plies and lie about being Akon

but Akon lied about being A con, so it's twice the night

and that's double the lying, double the sleep I keep

double the sheep I should see with my eyes wide shut

but she's got me wide open and I can't see shit...

She's got my heart, but she ain't a culprit...

I handed that shit off...don't want returns

just to keep it out the icebox for fear of freezer


The Only Girl...(2007)

I wish I had an excuse...

some type of reason to fall back on

but I have nothing.

if she were candy,

I could blame the sugar rush...

blame the taste if it were liquor,


Blame Kelis for making it thicker...

or what if I could keep it on the hush?

I wouldn't need an excuse at all.

If she could only be a product of coffee beans...

I mean if she were caffeine you'd understand...

sympathize with me and my helpless stance.

She's a bitch of sorts...but I mean, if she were a BAD bitch??

It wouldn't be thoughts wondering if I'm smokin' that shit.

But she's not a bad bitch...just a mad bitch really...

And I can't shake her, she's all-defensive...

puts me in pensive moods and tells me to remember...

when there was noone around, had no friends...

who was it I could depend?

Her...always there, even with no means to my ends...

How dare I turn my back on her...now or ever?

I can never leave Depression alone...