Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mirror In The Man

I regret the day I got rid of the mirrors...

now all that's left is the smoke...

and the picture couldn't be any clearer.

Oh beautiful, beautiful self...

Where have you run off to this time?

Every now and again it seems

that I must remind you where home is.

I'm not built for "When in Rome"

or how long it took to build it;

Seven days only makes me weak.

It's hard to speak for myself without

you in front of me as a reminder;

the rest of the world is plenty dark,

but yet continues to be a blinder.

And I discovered your importance

the first time I lost you,

now I'm pretty sure I don't need a memory jog.

But me not needing a reminder does not equate

to me not wanting to see you, look you in the face.

See, I'm lost without you...

".Now backwards is Everything

,thru shine to start lies true

World the to connect my are You"

I was saying the same thing...

Everything is backwards now.

True lies start to shine thru,

You are my connect...to me.

I don't know about myself

things haven't been the same since you've gone

Food doesn't seem to quite have that same taste...

and my ears refuse to listen to the same songs.

We're far too much alike, you and me are

and we've been around each other forever...

through it all, we've made it this far

So...let's start back our mornings together,

you as the first face I see and vice versa...

so I can finally look you in the eye again,

and find the part of me that I had lost.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Elementary Life

The world is filled with snakes;

I feel like a gardener in a global greenhouse...

there's so much beauty before my face,

but so much venom that I need to weed out,


all for the sake of the world becoming ripened.

The country has force-fed us lies like kindergarten naptime

It's been happening folks' entire lives, when do we rise?

When do we move on past the fairytales and get real,

or is it all a movie in which I choose my fate within a pill?

The city is filled to the brim with outlooks set to dim...

there are flashes of light here and there,

...nevermind, that's just the slow glow off of some fool's rims.

Grim is expected these days

and we've got people walking around playing 'Reaper'...

with the rising costs of burials,

it's probably cheaper to keep her.

The community no longer cares...

for one another OR their brothers,

True lies portrayed when they say

that they love to one another...

Smooth grooves in the midst of rough edges...

like soft eyes in a hard face

Often pushed against the rock,

but usually ended up next to a hard place

She deserves more but realizes less,

I guess she don't know enough...

Growing old, bitter, scarred and alone...

Rockin' to the beat of a world where the band plays on...

but no one hears the music. They just face it.