Thursday, March 25, 2010


Sometimes you just want understanding

Not from others about yourself;

But from you...about you.

Sometimes you just want to be carefree,

To have days from your childhood

..Like things used to be.

Sometimes you want to forgive...

But you can't, so you're at fault.

And sometimes you're at fault,

But you don't know just know you are.

Sometimes you want to protect everyone you know,

And sometimes you know that it's impossible...

But sometimes you try anyway.

Sometimes you want to get off on an early exit,

because you KNOW there's traffic ahead;

...But you never do.

But sometimes you always want to,

and the people around you don't understand that...

So sometimes you just turn the music up,

play what they want to hear to shut them up.

Sometimes you wish it all would just come easy:

The dream house, dream job, dream spouse...

And sometimes you realize that they are called dreams for a reason.

Sometimes your faith wavers,

But you see everybody else faking like theirs doesn't...

So sometimes you fake right alongside them...

Sometimes you have all the right answers, all the right moves...

And sometimes you just don't know anymore.

Sometimes in a room full of people is the best place to hide,

While sometimes isolation by choice...

feels like assisted suicide.

There are moments when you want to just cry

when no one is looking,

But sometimes it feels like some one always has their eye on you...

Sometimes you want to do something good for someone,

But you question if they question your motives.....

...Because sometimes they do.

Sometimes an ex friend,

or ex love reappears in your life,

And sometimes you miss them for who they are,

or who they were...

Sometimes you get real close to saying something,

Then you wonder aloud why you should even bother.

Sometimes you meet people who are superb human beings...

And sometimes you aren't what they need, and vice versa...

Sometimes you feel like a complainer, instead of an explainer...

So you stop explaining, and you don't understand why no one understands.

Sometimes, even after three hundred and seventy four words,

you still haven't said what you wanted to say.

And sometimes, it's better that it ends that way.


  1. I love this. It's so perfect; so fitting. You are truly a superb human being. :)

  2. Woow. This is so deep yet so simple. Truely a talent "Sometimes in a room full of people is the best place to hide,/While sometimes isolation by choice.../feels like assisted suicide." Pure Art


  3. I have felt & lived & fought all of the sometimes...

    Until I just lived my life as ME

    & stoped caring what others thought, or what they would say, or how they would re-act...

    I allowed the tears to flow, easily in front of everyone...

    & sometimes? I wish I didn't... LOL

    Love you...