Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Powers-that-Be

The places that I travel when
I forget to remember where I'm going
all gassed up, motor running
but I'm on my feet all day
life needs a replay of the previous
events so I don't lose the lesson
in the sea of my eyeblinks
or when I'm here in my ear drums
somehow couldn't use my tongue
for nothing more than 143s
via text message that I spoke
with a pen placed to the sky
while I listened to how
it might look on a clear day
night sky filled with clouds
Scowled as I cried inside
displayed "mr. nice guy"
for a select few named "all"
it only makes sense to me
to fly once I fall,
to run full speed
the moment I hit the wall
to write only when spoken to,
to listen only when touched
to speak only while reading
to look when music is played

and to feel only when all other means have failed.

These powers are for good, even if I've forgotten how to use them.

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  1. What kind of comment do you leave when you don't have words to express how much you enjoyed the poem?..this is one of those comments ;^)