Thursday, September 3, 2009


Not the name of a poem, it's just what it is for the time being........................okay, maybe it's the name of a poem too. But this is the last post for a while...I've got a few things to put work into and focus on.

The greeting always feels like 'goodbye'.
Maybe it's the reason behind rhyme...
or maybe it was only a matter of time.
Either way, my appetite's gone...
been a while since I last ate...

That many nights since insomnia re-appeared...
making fun of my intentions,
and pouring gasoline onto my biggest fears.
Been hesitant in making my decisions...
especially the ones concerning me and you, here.

We, you and me, 'he plus she'...
whatever you address, just be sure to call...
so I can put a voice to the writing on the wall.
The ominous messages telling me it's time
to take a hiatus, leave each other be.


  1. Initially, I wasn't going to comment...But decided if I didn't I wasn't being ME...

    You don't need to explain this...
    It’s obviously deeper than the title of this poem,
    Or any poem
    For that matter.
    It appears that is what you need
    To get YOU right
    To do what is best for YOU
    To move forward,
    To move through the FEAR
    Sometimes aren’t always what we want,
    But what we NEED.

  2. *favorited* i love how you broke the word into separate parts. you're so creative my love :)