Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Take What You Want...

My money...is yours. More can be made.
You can have this car, even though it's in my name.
Anything for you I've ever written, drawn or recorded?
You can have it all...
art is a giving talent, and I can afford it.
Whatever you can manage to get your hands on,
I'll instantly consider as good as gone.
Material things are nothing, you can have it from far to near.
What price can you put on love? I can't think of a number..
You can take every possession, leave nothing but tears...
I'll help you move the bed out, good luck on the slumber.
The painting of the couple sitting by the lake is free to go,
Take it right along with whatever else you get thru the door.
Take what you want, but leave my heart here.

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