Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the first time (the last time)

I have thought
and dreamed
and imagined
exactly how this would be.

And right now
in this moment
it's here upon me.

I must admit
it's everything
and more
than I ever wished for.

The embraces,
loving words,
and attention...
it's almost overwhelming.

But I appreciate being appreciated.

This is the first time
I've ever felt like this.
Might not make sense,
but it warms my cold heart.

It's sad that it must come to this,
that I had to leave to bring you back
to your senses,
to your family,
to me.

As I lie down with closed eyes,
I can see perfectly clear...
that I am surrounded by love.
I just wish
I had the chance
to smile at you,
or the words
to say thank you.


  1. very sweet. always nice to show gratitude for the ones that reciprocate love :-)

    im sure they'll appreciate this

  2. when i read this, i imagine it coming from the heart of a loved one as they breathe their last breath. when they stand at the border of life and death and reflect on the all the fuss currently happening around them. perhaps they were neglected before. perhaps they were overlooked or just generally taken for granted. but suddenly they are basking in love.

    its like at the moment humans realize they are about to lose something/someone, they reach out to hold on tight. but...joni mitchell never lies.

    ps. i often imagine my own funeral/eulogy...and dream about what people would say, think, or do for me when they realize the world is about to lose me.