Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nobody Knows But Me


The endless chain of unattainable love...
whether it's me on the non-giving end,
or chasing after out-of-reach hearts...
It's an seemingly infinite emotional cycle.

I could use that now, to ride away from here...
'love' or a 'cycle'...I'm not choosy, really
Because standing around others makes me lonely,
but being by myself comforts me greatly...
Even in the midst of the quote 'Genius loves company';
There aren't many to qualify being around,
otherwise it would be saying how Genius appreciates it...

I often hate when I think out loud

so then I attempt to reinstate it

only to end up locked out of my own mind

So it appears the insanity I tried to hide,

is prevalent for all far and wide to see...

but no one can recognize it for what it is,

stares it in the face, yet

can't see the forest for the trees.

It might be best that

Nobody knows but me.


  1. intriguing. i can relate on several levels. love what you did with the topic...*snaps*

  2. love reading. yo i think a poetry corner blog thing should be made soon with a few "poets" in mind.

  3. HeartACHE
    Second guessing
    Pieces of myself skewed

    To love
    & BE loved
    All in the same...

    This is why I haven't written,
    REALLY written
    For fear of what may come out.

    Must acknowledge
    I AM insane,
    Repeating the same mistakes…
    Expecting different results.

    .... Loved this... But damn you.

  4. Amen.

    I know exactly what you mean.
    Deeply felt.

  5. A beautiful thing about "certain poets" is that they say things you either want to say or wish you could have said...