Tuesday, July 14, 2009

...in the dark.

...in the dark.
Meet me there.

Doesn't really matter what you wear,
don't care what fragrance you choose,
It'll be just me...and you...
in the dark.

Let me learn of your beauty
without using eyesight
so if I were to ever be
blinded permanently,
never again to see light...
I could still see you,
in the dark.

Allow my fingertips to trace
the very outline of your existence
until I've got it down-pat,
with my eyes closed...
so even as I sleepwalk,
I wouldn't miss a step
on your body's trail...
in the dark.

When your vision adjusts to the night,
search for me...let me feel your stare
so that I can know where to look
in a room full of hundreds of eyes...
It will be your glare that lights
those despondent days
when the sun doesn't act right.

Love me to your fullest potential,
hold onto me in the dark...
as if you were to lose me
if you ever let go of your grip.

And I promise to do the same,
in the dark, or the light.


  1. This is deep,
    The equivalent to love

    I wish to be found in the dark like this,

  2. this reminds me of a poem i wrote. ima post it tomorrow so u can read it lol

  3. Ahh, this was nice! I hope you find someone deserving of this.

  4. I once told my ex that I thought a blind man would make the best lover- for all of the reasons you expressed above.

    Again... love the journey with you, Nephew!

  5. this is like my favorite *favorited*