Saturday, October 24, 2009

2003-2007 Previews - The Room Pt. IV (Curtain Call)

Black suit on,
black tie,
white shirt
with the lipstick smeared...
left collar.

It's been a while since our lips kissed here
Been a while since she let her guard down...
dismissed fear for the sake of making love.rain...
Went from every day feeling like December 25th,
the most special time of the year...
to my reality being brought down to ground Zero:
the world's crashing and burning around my ears...

I left everything I cared for...but all signs point back
to here...this room with so much history etched in,
like a desktop showing who I love...sketched in pen.

I survey the sight of her...
except for the pile of clothes on the floor,
and the hanger marks, but of course...

a trail of love's paint in the direction of the window?
I admit...I am caught off-guard for once in life.
My mind has already put together the scene,
I just wish it wasn't starring my wife.

Slow stalking steps toward the cherrywood frame
bloody fingerprints smeared on the pale yellow walls...
surrounding the window in which life turned into fallacy,
and the end of the beginning turned concrete, became.

There was no need to look out and downward;
Already knew in my mind she was long gone...
She was enamored with what's out the window,
every bird to fly, every moonrise, every dawn...

Perhaps I was caging her in, trapped in this room,
A Romance Doomed, an spiritual demise to 'us'...
or the actual sunrise of distrust shone strong
to eradicate the lonely nights of togetherness?

Nevertheless, she's free now...didn't use the door,
it would have been too much like a failed audition;
a Hollywood Divorce...
You walk out knowing that it's all said and done...
and there's only regret from both parties left over.

Well, this is the end of my scene.

I'm all dressed now,

well-groomed and high-strung

rope's irritating the neck,

had no idea how it stung...

the Sun shines bright on my waves,

swinging back and forth

above a kicked-over chair

where my still body sways...

this is the Honeymoon,

we should toast to life now.

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  1. This gave me chills. Super dope. Love the ending "let's toast to life."