Thursday, October 22, 2009

2003-2007 Previews - Amnesia

note: My next few posts will be some previews (in a sense) for what to expect from 2003-2007. For those who know what I'm talking about...yeah, here's a peek at some stuff I was toying with in assistance. Don't worry though, the ones I post won't be in the book...[warning: It's more of a dark themed overall feel...but perfect timing in regards to feelings.]

Stumbling around the kitchen,
eyes glazed, drunken stupor
but the pain hasn't numbed a bit...
it just seems to have gotten more intense.

Intentionally falling head-first into the counter-side,
in two ways you could say I'm trying to cut corners...
because my amnesia is seemingly defective,
I wish that it was at worst a little bit selective...
So here I am, enjoying being drunk off of liquor
but suffering from sobering heartbreak...
Trying the transferrence of pain trick,
bumping my head to shape my brain up quick
in hopes of some type of major memory loss.

Maybe then I could be happy, if I could only forget
the stories told to me without blinking or stuttering,
with eyes wavering or muttering,
trying to rebuild a foundation on some MAC lies...

Making others suffer for my own pain was never my intent
So I just keep banging my head...hoping to one day forget.

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