Saturday, October 24, 2009

2003-2007 Previews - The Room Pt. II

note: My next few posts will be some previews (in a sense) for what to expect from 2003-2007. For those who know what I'm talking about...yeah, here's a peek at some stuff I was toying with in assistance. Don't worry though, the ones I post won't be in the book...[warning: It's more of a dark themed overall feel...but perfect timing in regards to feelings.]

*this is some dual poem shit in a sense...the slash is the divider. First line/lines are the male, the secondary line(s) are the female. It all takes place in "the room" they both are in there at the same time, silence being deafening.*

We descended back down here in Hell so suddenly; it's unreal...
Things used to be high flying like a dove, felt like Heaven's dream/
I remember being on Cloud 9 at all times when waters stood still;
suddenly the room was engulfed in flames, something I've never seen..

Now I feel myself isolated, outside of the feelings she's all caught up in,
trying to peer over the wall that's been formed to defend against me/
I somehow feel trapped within my own defense mechanism against him,
but I've always left the door unlocked for if he ever tried to step inside...

This is a game of chance that I'll have no parts shouldn't be like this,
going to bed with poker faces on, only to wake up protecting our hands/
I always sit up at night and stare at my reflection in his wedding band,
maybe it's me who's complicated things; maybe it's not just the man...

I can't take this, I'm grabbing my jacket to get some much-needed air...
Everytime I look her way, she's always seemingly gazing out the window.
Fine, I'm tucking my heart; no Valentine...grabbed the handle of the door,
looked back one last goodbyes./
I couldn't find the words to make him stay when I saw him grab for his coat,
so I did what I've been trying to do to what's holding me back: let go...
We've both got our demons, but he's seemingly vanquished his & reached out
Attempting to help me...but it's not that cut and dry; I'm needing an escape route.

So here we are, alone yet again...
just me and my own worst enemy...
I cannot think of anything else to do,
other than grab the clothes hanger...
and make a fortress out of clothes,
to defend myself.


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