Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Chase (wordpress repost)

I’m chasing after a man in the street’s night
I feel he’s got answers I need; wrong or right
Might need light…he’s trying to shake me thru dark alleys
ran back twoards a main street, ducked behind a Denali
I slowed pace…put the tool off safety
Heard an old phrase about God protecting fools and babies
The ‘fool’ theory will be put to test today, G-A-T
when cold steel’s to his brain, how will he A-C-T?

I crept closer, on stealth mode, not making a sound
plams sweaty, black Nikes slow-slapping the ground
Took off my hood, a slow smile began to wind
I’m not crazy, but this guy will soon lose his mind

the wet ground shone a fuzzy reflection
shit was distorted like my reality, far from perfection
looked at the window of a Charger and it kinda threw me
for a loop…the man staring back hardly knew me…
But I kept fake-nailing it…decided I had to press on
My heart kept making beats…chest getting it’s Mr. West on…

I see him…crouched down, looking the wrong way for too long
Time to make this hip hop nucca sing a brand new song…
Grabbed him by his collar, went to see the shock on his face
but who I confronted was an image I couldn’t erase
All this time I thought I was pursuing the truth,
I was only chasing ghosts…trying to keep pace with my youth.

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