Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why Won't You Let Me Be Great? [inspired by Danyelle]

Why won't you let me be great?
There are missions to accomplish
Tasks that need my tending to
Goals to achieve during this lifetime

Yet, you have me sitting...here.
There are so many lives I've yet to affect,
So many stories to share and reflect on
So many dreams to spare from being stepped on

Why can't you just let me be great?
It's not about the fame, but I'm highly capable
The world needs to know me...no,
The world needs to FEEL me.

I am here to care for others
I am here to uplift mothers
I am here to encourage fathers
I am here to teach brothers.

So WHY won't you let me be great?

I can persuade someone to positively change,
Flash a smile her way to brighten her day
Aid him to believe in his own abilities
Show them how to be better listeners to each other.

But yet, here I am...sitting here with you.
In this dimly lit room, with a bunch of reminders
Of past problems and issues,
Of let downs, loneliness and lies.

Just me and you in this room,
A dim light, these reminders,
A chair, and this mirror.
Let me be great.