Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When It Rains...[inspired by Danyelle]

"When It Rains, it pours."
That's how she explained it to me.
"Matters of the heart are like a confused weather report...
Affection makes the Sun shine like a July afternoon,
That very same sunshine makes my heart rain love.
And when it rains, it pours."

She said "Rain isn't all bad like most people think."
I nodded and agreed silently, eager to hear more.
"You can do things in the rain...
Things you can't do any other time."

I immediately began envisioning puddle splashing,
Attempting to use my own body to cover her head,
Because we were too engulfed in each other...
To even consider bringing an umbrella.

And even though we were braving the elements unprotected,
nothing could have felt better than the rain at the moment.
Pictures of kissing during a downpour in summer,
Flashed through my imagination at a rapid pace...
Images of close embraces and invading each other's spaces.

I sat and thought about how I feel about rain.
Like she said, you can do things in love...
that you can't even imagine during any other time.



  1. This IS a seperate side...

    & I absolutely love it.

    Keep writing & I'll keep reading.