Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Right Time... [inspired by Danyelle]

I should have said goodbye the moment before I met you.
That would have been perfect timing apparently...
Because trying to say it now is proving to be too difficult.

We've agreed that it's imperative we both move on,
Or more so you think so and I have to put up a front
And just nod in agreement to hide my feelings...

Or more so I brought it to you alll matter-of-factly,
And had to witness your tears, listen to you recap your fears
And 'right hand before God' swear off all future dealings...

I wish we woulld've done this earlier...
Before some of the good times that are forever indelibly etched
In that part of my memory bank that I call "The Time of My Life"

I wish we would've done this later...
There's still so much for us to learn from and about each other
So much for us to discover about the world, together...

I can't make up my mind...I don't know why
But I think there's never a right time to say goodbye.
I can't bring myself to say it, So I'll just walk away.


  1. I'm really feeling this one. It's something that I would like to say but couldn't find the words.
    "I should have said goodbye the moment before I met you." Nice.